Agnello Dias

Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer (Taproot India)

The co-founder of Taproot has a happy-go-lucky attitude to entrepreneurship. In an interview with Campaign some years ago, he said he was quite prepared to find himself back at a large network after a misadventure. Thankfully that never happened — but he and partner Santosh Padhi did gain access to much greater resources after being acquired by Dentsu. He remains humble and unassuming, and his philosophy is almost one of ‘no philosophy’, as he does not wish to close his mind to new ideas. “I like to see what someone’s got before putting forward my own two bits to be considered,” he says. “I do not like converting people into clones of myself. I like to believe that every time I interact with someone, it’s a kind of cross-pollination that should create something new and not quantitatively more of what I would have done alone. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn’t. But not having a set way of thinking or leading brings out the best in me for sure and in other people, most of the time.”